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Kulalu Wildlife Camp, Kenya


Kulalu Wildlife Camp, Kenya

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Kulalu Wildlife Camp, Kenya


Kulalu Wildlife Camp, Kenya

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Kulalu Wildlife Camp

Just 110km west of the coastal towns of Malindi and Watamu, only 2 hours drive away, are Galana and Kulalu Ranches deep in the heart of Kenya's bush land on 1.4 million acres of pristine Africa.

This huge Ranch has an unfenced border with Tsavo East National Park. Kulalu Camp sits high on the banks of the Galana River. The camp consists of five large tents, all with twin/double beds and ensuite bathrooms with stunning views of the river and the Lali Hills.

A semi-permanent makuti (reed thatch) mess provides a safe and comfortable place to quietly watch the game activity along the river bank or while away the hot afternoons with a cool drink and a book. At meal times Justus our exceptional bush chef transforms the mess into a haven of culinary delight.

A mixture of the traditional country farm house produce with roasted meat or game and soups to a Mediterranean influence picked up from his days as chef at the coast. All the more incredible considering it is all prepared in a traditionally styled mobile camp kitchen using a safari oven (a large metal box buried in a larger pile of glowing embers).

Game viewing on Galana Ranch  can be very rewarding with a chance to see Elephant, buffalo, lion and many different species of Plains Game. If you are lucky, cheetah, leopard or even the rare cape hunting dog can be seen. The bird watching is of world renown, and when coupled with the stunning views, this large expanses of Africa gives a beautiful back drop to an African sunset.

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Kulalu Camp tent.
Kulalu tent.

Kulalu Camp.
Kulalu Camp.

A view of the Galana River from Kulalu Camp.

A combination of Kulalu Camp and Che-Shale Beach Club offers the most exhilarating personally organized safaris. Ninety percent of their guests return year after year, which speaks for itself. A very popular and exciting itinerary, which can be added on to an existing safari or organized as "a week's break from it all" is available.

  • Day one    Depart Europe, arrive in Nairobi early on day 2.

  • Day two    Connect by air to Malindi, and transfer to Che-Shale in time for a white wine and sea-food lunch, siesta, swim and relax.

  • Day three    Unwind, scuba dive, deep sea fish, eat well. Whatever you want!

  • Day four    Depart for Kulalu Camp after brunch. Arrive in time for an evening shoot or game drive. Sundowners in the bush. Dinner by the camp fire.

  • Day five    Early morning shoot followed by brunch. Siesta and then an evening game drive, walk or shoot, whatever you prefer. Dinner by the camp fire.

  • Day six    As with day five. Maybe add a long game walk? Whatever you prefer.

  • Day seven   Morning shoot or walk, brunch and return to Che-shale in time for cocktails, a gourmet dinner and, for the really adventurous, Malindi by Night!

  • Day eight    Catch the lunchtime flight to Nairobi and on to Europe, arriving the following day!

The safari can be altered to concentrate on game viewing, bird shooting, walking safaris or any other combination. The duration can be extended or reduced depending on your requests!

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