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Scuba diving in Kenya


Scuba diving in Kenya

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Scuba diving in Kenya


Scuba diving in Kenya

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Scuba Diving in Kenya

The Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve offers extensive diving and snorkeling opportunities. There are several diving operations in Watamu that would be pleased to help you with your dive requirements.

The various dive facilities operating in the Park are all required to adhere to the Marine Park rules, as established by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Some of these rules include:
No collection or touching of marine life, corals or shells.
No fishing inside the Marine Park.
No Spearfishing.

You must ensure you have a valid ticket or entry pass to the marine park or reserve. More information on the park and reserve is available: Click Here.

Scuba Diving operators in Watamu

Aqua Ventures is located in the Turtle Bay, next to the Ocean Sports Hotel in Watamu.  Owned and operated by Steve and Helen Curtis, Aquaventures has offered BSAC and PADI dive courses in Watamu for over 10 years. 

Steve Curtis of Aqua Ventures diving in the Kilifi Caves

Turtle Bay Diving is located in Turtle Bay Beach Club, and has been in operation for over 25 years.

Batfish in Watamu Marine National Park.

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