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Scuba diving in Kenya.


Scuba diving in Kenya.

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Scuba diving in Kenya.


Scuba diving in Kenya.

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Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

The Watamu National Marine Park and Reserve offers extensive diving and snorkeling opportunities for novice and advanced levels.

Some of the sites in the protected areas include:

  • Moray Reef
  • Drummers Reef
  • The Canyon
  • Brain Coral
  • The Wreck
  • Turtle Reef

Diving conditions vary, due to the seasonal monsoon winds. Snorkelling can be done all year round, although conditions vary according to the season, wind and weather.

The best times to dive and snorkel in Watamu are between November and March.

Between April and October, diving is often limited to the sites inside the fringe reef as the monsoon winds make it difficult to travel beyond this protective barrier.

Some dive bases are closed during June and July; if you wish to dive during this period, it is best to check with us to ensure your preferred dive base is open.

Please complete the form below if you would like more information on diving and dive operations in the Watamu National Marine Park and Reserve.

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Scuba diving in Watamu National Marine Park

A moray eel seen while scuba diving in Watamu.
A moray eel seen while scuba diving in Watamu.

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