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Testimonials and customer-comments about Best of Kenya.


Testimonials and customer-comments about Best of Kenya.

ACTIVITIES Testimonials and customer-comments about Best of Kenya. FAQ

Testimonials and customer-comments about Best of Kenya.


Testimonials and customer-comments about Best of Kenya.

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Testimonials from our customers

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The mighty Galana River in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya.
The mighty Galana River in Tsavo East.

"Melinda: You helped our party of four to plan a very memorable trip to Kenya in September.  We had such a great trip, witnessing animal behavior and seeing animals we had not seen in previous trips.  Several of us wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your's and Isaac's (our guide) efforts.  Below are our messages:  

Dear Melinda,

I would like to tell you how pleased I was with my safari in Kenya.  This was my first time ever doing something to this extent.  I was fortunate in that my friend, Betty, had been on safari before and helped me with any questions I had prior to the trip.  I was still anxious for the trip to unfold. 

The trip met my expectations and more.  Seeing all the wildlife and the countryside was amazing.  I would like to tell you how "great" Isaac was to our group of 4.  He was very gracious in asking us what we wanted to see and do.  He answered all our suggestions.  From a sunrise photo opportunity to a sunset  opportunity, he made sure we were able to get our photographs.

 One could sense the passion he  brings to his guide position.  He was fantastic in knowing that we really wanted to do photography and he would position the Land Cruiser in the correct manner to have the proper lighting on our subject if it was at all possible to do.  He gave us the opportunity to be in the parks from sunrise until closing, which is what we wanted to do.  We wanted to observe the animals and birds for the day.  Not just for 2 or 3 hours per day. 

His knowledge of the mammals and birds was amazing. We would ask him question after question and he knew the answer or would find out the answer and tell us the next day.  One can truly see that he loves the safari drives and the wildlife.  I have been with guides in other instances but no one showed the passion that Isaac showed.  He is a superb guide and a wonderful teacher. Kudos to Isaac!!" - MK, September 2007

"Dear Melinda,

I just wanted to let you know what an absolutely fantastic guide Isaac proved himself to be!  Not only was he especially passionate about his work, which was demonstrated by his love of all wildlife (including plants), but he was also so secure in his profession that he happily engaged in arguments with us regarding the identification of the more unusual specimens - usually the birdlife.

He was spectacularly 'lucky' in his choice of areas to investigate - and I put lucky within quotes for a reason.  I really don't believe that 'luck' had much to do with it...Isaac seemed to have an intuition as to where to find various animals - due to, I believe, a deep understanding and appreciation of the habits and lives of the various animals living in Kenya.  His interest was throughout the animal and plant kingdom, and not at all focused on any one particular species.  We saw unusual animals and plants because he knew what he was looking at and for, and was always alert to any new living thing to show us. 

In the beginning of our trip, we had told him that we wanted to spend as much time as possible within the parks, and he did his absolute utmost to make sure that happened. 

All in all, Isaac did everything he could to make our safari the event of our lives, and he truly did an excellent job.  Having been to Kenya once before (with you, in 2004), I never imagined that I could possibly see as much as I did in those two weeks. In short, this was truly a safari of a life time, and Isaac was the one who made it all happen." - EW, September 2007

"And last from me - In planning our trip we had expressed to you and then again to Isaac how we wanted to maximize our time in the parks with the wildlife.  And Isaac did just that by having us in the parks when they opened and often staying until the parks closed.  Isaac was so successful finding us wildlife to watch. 

I believe our time with the family of cheetahs was the highlight for all of us.  We found them around 8:30 a.m. and stayed with them for three hours.  We watched the mother teaching the three juveniles to hunt.  There was a small herd of topi that included two babies.  Unfortunately for a topi baby the cheetahs were successful.  On the one hand it was sad for the topi baby but it was also a thrill to witness the event, knowing that it would have happened whether we were there or not. 

Isaac also saw a serval cat and later two bat earred foxes which none of us had ever seen before.  We also spent an hour with a pair of mating lions and another morning we saw three adult male lions traveling in the morning light. 

We were all photographing the wildlife.  He would get us in the best vantage point possible making for better photos.  We have awesome images of the cheetah family, the male lions, leopards, giraffes etc. etc.. 

Isaac's flexibility in dealing with unplanned situations quickly, and with our wishes in mind was also greatly appreciated.  There was a mix up in where our first campsite in the Mara was to be.  Instead of being on the west side of the park it was near Base camp (our second site).  We had wanted to spend a couple days on the west side of the park.  Isaac and George discussed the situation and where able to find a campsite for us on the west side of the park and moved our group.  George and his staff went to such extraordinary efforts to give us that time on the west side.  I have already told friends of our trip and let them know that if they ever want to go to Kenya to use your services.  And I will continue to recommend Eco Resorts.  Hopefully, some day I will be able to come back. 

Thank you so much for planning another memorable trip to Kenya.  Please pass on to JK Safaris how much we appreciate Isaac, John, George, chef John (who cooked such great meals for us) and all their staff in making this trip so great for all of us.   Good luck in the future to Eco Resorts, JK Safaris and to Kenya." - BH, September 2007

"Just a short note to say a big Thank you from all of us. Everthing was organised to the tee. Your Christopher was great. Thank you - will certainly recommend you to all my friends who want to do the Mara." - Rajen and Anitha, September 2007

"I have been meaning to let you know what a magnificent time KC and I had on our safari in Kenya. The arrangements exceeded our expectations. Every aspect of the trip was fantastic and accentuated by Isaac. His knowledge ranged from tribal culture to weaver birds. He truly made a great trip an unbelievable experience.

I have highly recommended your company and Isaac to friends and family and will continue to do so. He is truly an asset to your company. Thanks again," - Gordon and KC, October 2006

" Thanks for helping plan what was definitively an unforgettable, incredible life experience for all of us . . . The people, wildlife and nature of Kenya are all magnificent!  Our journey far surpassed even our highest expectations.  

All the folks at Bestofkenya were above-and-beyond helpful and hospitable.  And it was just tremendous to have traveled with such a phenomenal duo, camping in relatively remote places feeling very much in touch with our new environment.  Felix, our Masaai guide, provided invaluable insight and perspective -- So honest and earnest.  And Charles, our "bush cook", constantly touched our hearts and filled our stomachs with magical things.

One of our favorite experiences was definitely our stay at Maji Moto with our host, Ntuto.  Our indescribably warm welcoming to this village remains extremely emotional.  We have new, dear friends as well as a much deeper understanding of Masaai life.  We were even included in a female circumcision ceremony the day prior to the actual circumcision -- dancing, chanting, face painting.  We exchanged greetings with a village elder and two of his sons preparing goat stew in the sheltered bush.  A warrior who had just speared his first lion prepared sticks for Thea + Marley to carry here in Vermont (these modern Masaai girls!!).  The village children and ours taught each other some wonderful singing/clapping games.  We gathered around a fire in a village home to hear more about Masaai ways.  We relaxed in a moonlit bath in the natural hot springs flowing through the village.  We shared the local brew. The stories and visuals throughout our stay in Kenya are all treasured.  We listened, watched, absorbed, and, yes, couldn't help but ask MANY questions.  Everyone answered unconditionally." - The Cohen Family Dec 2004

"Everyone agreed that the trip you and Jonas delivered was one of the best trips we've ever taken, and the Marshalls and Goodalls have traveled a lot! Altheda is characterizing it as a "life changing event". - Marshalls and Goodalls, May 2004

"Many's the time I have arrived in a foreign country only to find that what I thought I'd purchased was not available. In contrast, I think it is safe to say that you and your team exceeded all our expectations, which I think is unprecedented in our travel experiences. Normally, I have found that expectations are artificially inflated by sales hype, and over-statements of what the client can expect. In your case, you provided us with vary factual information, advice, and schedules, and then followed through by actually having competent people there, on time, on schedule, and without any unpleasant surprises, or last minute substitutions.

To my great relief you delivered on your promise, and provided the small, personalized tour that we were looking for. Our goal was to have a true camping experience in the great outdoors of Kenya, and that is what we got complete with lions, elephant, water buffalo stalking our camp sites, and serenading us with their calls during the night. I always felt comfortable with the staff. It is clear, having met you and talked with you, that you know your business, your country, and you have a well developed business network." - Charlie and Cathy King, Colorado, March 2001

"We trusted your judgment and you were completely on track! As for Lewa Downs, we loved it! That entire experience was unbelievable! The people were great, the cottages were perfect for the setting, the food was very good and the family environment they created there was perfectly in order for what we were ready for. We didn't want to sleep at night for fear we would miss something!" - Amy and Paul B., Chicago, March 2001

"You arranged a complex safari that lasted almost a month. Things worked smoothly - almost like clockwork, with no major glitches. We were met, transported, housed and fed precisely as arranged. While keeping a low profile, you helped to make this a really magical experience." -Randolph W., Maryland, July 2000

"Our guide was excellent, incredibly knowledable and very helpful in identifying the birds as well as the animals! Your organization let us sit back and enjoy the country and the people and the wildlife; we didn't have to worry about any of the arrangements, thank you"! -Tom P., USA, February 2001

"I just wanted to let you know that the trip was wonderful... the driver was extremely nice and helpful. We even found the bashful, black rhino! I'd love to use your services again, will try to visit the coast next time!" -Roseann C., USA, September 2000

"Couldn't be happier with the trip! It was an amazing journey. Hats off to your safari guide, who knew his animals down to the gestation period and life expectancies, thank you!" - Bill M., Minnesota, December 2000

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