Butterfly Safari

In association with the Mida Butterfly Farm, Eco-resorts offers a range of Butterfly Safaris, providing a unique opportunity to study Kenyan Coastal Butterflies while enjoying a relaxing beach holiday.

The Mida Butterfly Farm is located near the coastal resort of Watamu, Kenya and specializes in the breeding of local Lepidoptera for the live pupae export market. The Farm has been in operation for over 18 years and your hosts, Richard Bennett and his guides, are the most experienced breeders in this area.

Over 300 species of butterfly, many of which are endemic to the area, occur within a 15 km radius of Watamu, providing easy access to a wide range of habitats such as coastal dunes and primary forest.

You can find numerous Papilio, Graphium, Charaxes, Euxanthe, Salamis, Amauris, Hypolimnus, Precis and a few Saturnids in this area. Specialties, exclusively bred by the Mida farm, include: Hypolimnus usambara and anthedon, Salamis cacta and anacardi, Euxanthe tiberias and several other coastal forest species.

With the onset of the May rains, the more common species of Pierids and Papilionids emerge in such numbers that they form virtual clouds in the air. Peak abundance and diversity occurs from May to November; however many species, particularly forest Nymphalides, can be found throughout the year.

Study the butterflies in the flight cages before tracking them in the forest yourself. In general, late mornings are spent in the forest and surrounding countryside, with late afternoons or early mornings spent at the Farm.

Butterfly Safaris are matched to your requests. Try a week of intensive study or a just a few days at the Butterfly Farm. It's up to you! Depending on your budget and choice, you can stay in a Five Star Hemingways Resort, a private house or anything in between.

Watamu and its National Marine Park is one of Kenya's premier beach resorts. With a 7 km long white sand beach and over 600 species of marine life, Watamu itself provides a number of alternative activities when not butterfly hunting.

Melinda Rees of Best of Kenya