Guided Gamewalks

A vast majority of safaris in Africa involve jumping off an airplane, climbing into a car and driving huge distances over rough and rocky roads in search of the 'Big Five' animals. Once the requisite number of photos have been taken, it's time to get out of the vehicle, jump back into the airplane and head home. Instead of scratching the surface, explore and experience the real Africa, on foot!

For thousands of years the tribes of East Africa have lived in harmony with the natural world around them. Generations of experience have provided these peoples with all the knowledge they need to survive in their respective areas, whether in the desert-like Samburu area, the forests of Mount Kenya or the rolling plains of the Masai Mara. Their knowledge of the animals, birds, plants and insects is unparalleled and will be shared with you as you explore the wilderness.

To walk with the local tribesmen as your guides is to experience Africa at its most elemental. On the ground, you follow the tracks and spoor of the animals as you wind your way through rugged rocky outcrops, open savannah plains, and thick riverine forest. Learning the local bush-craft is further enhanced by your introduction to tribal legends and culture.

This is the 'real' Africa, the Africa the great explorers traversed. It still exists today and is easier to find than you might think. Take the time to get out of your twenty-first century vehicle, step back in time, and track down the abundant wildlife on foot, the traditional way!