Shella Royal House, Lamu.

A few kilometers from Lamu town lies the absolutely charming village of Shella. It is located right on the sea and is a pleasant tangle of winding, sandy lanes, tall, traditional Swahili houses, mosques and a couple of small hotels. It is an absolutely safe place to regain your senses and life spirits in a quiet, yet interesting and lively atmosphere among the friendly residents of the village. Strolling through the small lanes you will meet woman covering their faces with the traditional black bui-bui, elderly men & woman, cheerful children and a large number of donkeys and cats who all have right of way – always!

Shella Royal House is a tall, three storied traditionally built house located on a prime spot in Shella village overlooking the Indian Ocean and Manda Channel. It has eight beautifully furnished rooms and a number of open air terraces including a towering rooftop terrace ideal for spending hours at peace, reading or eating some of the delicacies that the Indian Ocean has to offer and that is brought in fresh daily. This “catch of the day” is lovingly prepared in the “Swahili food tradition” by the in house cooks and include lobster, queen prawns, white and red snapper and large mangrove crabs.

A dhow trip from Shella Royal House.
A dhow trip from Shella Royal House.

The rooms are all but one en suite, with wooden furniture and large Swahili beds. All rooms have mosquito nets and the terraces on all levels have fridges which all visitors are free to use.

Shella Royal House is an ideal location for all categories of visitors from the more budget minded to royalty’s – who’m more than one has stayed and enjoyed the hospitality of Shella in general and Shella Royal House in particular. The rooftop terrace catches the cool breeze of the Indian Ocean and makes a interesting viewing platform to the surrounding village life.

Shella Royal House also has its own fully equipped traditional dhow with an inboard backup engine. It is an ideal mode of transport for the various interesting excursions that are done in the archipelago, for example traditional fishing and snorkeling on the coral reefs of manda Toto – or just sailing and enjoying the peace and quiet serenity of the Indian Ocean. Lamu and Shella is the ultimate experience for body and soul!!