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Scuba diving in Kenya


Scuba diving in Kenya

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Scuba diving in Kenya


Scuba diving in Kenya

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Horse riding in Kenya

Ride out and share a ridge top with families of zebra as the sunrise paints the sky behind the mountain. Or arrive at a cattle boma (corral) in time to catch the early morning milking done in the traditional style. Then come back to camp for a leisurely breakfast, before mounting up again, packed lunches in saddle bags, to head off towards the Uaso Nyiro river or the falls of the Suguroi for a picnic lunch and a swim.

Alternatively have a lie in, relax in camp, or let a friendly, eccentric camel take you for a game-viewing walk perched up where you can spot everything that moves and fully appreciate the magnificent vistas. Then get your horses for an evening ride as the heat slips out of the day and vivid colours make magic of the land.

Every second day the camp is packed up and put on the backs of our cavalcade of camels, who take it to the next scenic site which is to become camp for two nights. On these days the riders leave camp after breakfast, taking a picnic lunch, and arrive in the new camp in time for tea and cake at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

Home for the duration of the safari is a collection of classic, green canvas tents located in each of a series of lovely places. The guest tents are light enough to be moved on camels, but roomy enough to accommodate two people. We provide high density foam, canvas-covered mattresses rather than camp beds. A shower tent and long drop latrine make living in the bush comfortable.

Life in camp centres around a big open fire, except when rain or the midday sun cause a retreat to the spacious canopy pitched nearby. Henry, our camp cook, and veteran of more than twenty years on El. Karama has his cook tent and fire nearby, from which come a succession of delicious meals.

El.Karama has a flourishing population of wildlife with over 70 species of mammals and nearly 400 species of birds. Of the well known African big game El. Karama is home to elephant, hippo, buffalo, lion, leopard and cheetah. In addition to these there are such species as the rare and geographically restricted grevy's zebra, the unique Laikipia hartebeest, and the unusual reticulated giraffe. Recently African hunting dogs have also reappeared on the ranch.

People familiar with temperate environments are usually astonished by the diversity and abundance of animals visible: their presence and activities, calls and tracks are part of every moment you spend on a horse exploring this country.

And as for the birds the variety is infinite: from the big to the little, the bright or the camouflaged, the ones you see and the ones you hear. From the moment you first pick up your binoculars you'll be hooked and names such as ostrich, kori bustard, martial eagle, honey guide, paradise flycatcher and finfoot will become exciting new discoveries.

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